Thin Lizzy

Sadly in the days of Phil Lynott I had not yet drawn a breathe so I can’t fairly comment or compare the new line-up with Ricky Warwick to the original. Yes I can watch a million videos on YouTube and DVD. But that’s not quite the same as seeing it in person.

We start a bitterly cold Glasgow evening off with the opening act, Triggerfinger. Truth be told I wasn’t a huge fan of what they did. Their songs didn’t resonate with me, they didn’t make me want to hear more. If anything they all sounded kind of samey. I can’t really recall any particular stand out songs, it all just blended and merged together into one.

Next up we have the second support for this evening, Clutch. An odd booking in my mind, but I was ready and willing to give them a try. I had never been a fan of them from what I’d heard up to this point. At least Triggerfinger where off so the way I say it would be a little improvement. Clutch are here. They start their show, their actual sound is incredible. But not one single member of the band is moving, they’re all just standing about making music. In terms of the sound, they where a tight nit band, well rehearsed, everyone knew exactly what they where doing. And that’d be fine, if I wasn’t bored out of my mind while watching them.

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