Neverworld – “Welcome To…”


Do you like chewing bubblegum and kicking ass? Yes? Good! Because Neverworld do too! From the opening notes, the harmonic pinches of a squealing guitar to the power metal scream of a god you know what follows is going to be badass!

It’ll take less that one minute to make your mind up on Neverworld, you’re either going to love it, or you’re going to hate it. I’m firmly in the camp of loving it! It brings a smile to my face knowing that in this day of X-Factor wannabe’s and people wanting to take the quick route to success there’s still people that will do what they love, without compromise and produce blinding metal tracks worthy of the metal giants of days gone by.

The opening track of the EP, They Live (We Sleep) is one of the best opening tracks, anywhere, ever. Neverworld don’t make any apologies for what they do, and within the fist few minutes your face will be firmly melted into the carpet. We also appreciated the John Carpenter love!

The second track of the EP, entitled Into The Heart Of Chaos is the kind of effort Dragonforce would be proud of! The speed of the guitar work is incredible, power metal at it’s best! I think if Herman Li would definitely be appreciative of this blinder of a track. From start to finish it oozes that special something that makes you want to smack the repeat button.

The third and final track, This Fire, slows things down a little bit with a slow piano with some nice guitar playing subtly added under it before the vocals come in. It’s a 7 minute epic about the fire that drives us all, to achieve all we want in life!

Within the space of three tracks I’ve grown to love Neverworld more than I thought I would. The diversity in the writing, the playing and the sound of the band is a nice little change to get something as intricate and well done as this. Neverworld have an album on the way, and I tell you now, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Anyone in the London area should check them out in November when they play with Australian metalheads, Elm Street!

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